From left to right: Patricia Gillis, Kelly May-Sulolli, RN, and Tom Gillis reuniting at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe for Kelly’s crystal star award, which she received from hospital administration for going above and beyond the workplace.

Car Accident Changes the Lives of Two Beaumont Employees

Getting ready to head home after work late last year, Patricia Gillis, a reporting analyst for Beaumont Family Medicine in Troy, received a phone call that changed her life in more ways than she could imagine.

“A detective from the Auburn Hills Police Department informed me that my husband, Tom, was in an automobile accident and was taken to a trauma center,” said Patricia. “The rest of the day was a whirlwind of events and emotions.”

On his commute home from work, Tom was stopped on the expressway in a line of traffic. In the rear-view mirror he saw a delivery truck traveling at a high speed behind him. This was the last thing he remembered before his vehicle was hit, causing a chain reaction with five additional vehicles.

The impact caused Tom’s car to go airborne and roll several times before landing upside down three lanes over. “Traveling behind the delivery truck was a Beaumont angel,” said Patricia.

This angel’s name is Kelly May-Sulolli, RN, Nursing Resource Pool at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe. To avoid hitting anyone, Kelly drove her car down the embankment. Once she came to a complete stop, she ran to Tom’s car.

When she approached the car, she noticed he was losing a large amount of blood from his head. “I thought it was a fatal accident,” said Kelly. “I got closer and asked if he was okay, to which he moaned and moved his arms.” To get to Tom, Kelly laid on the ground in a small space that no one else could get into.

Taking control of the situation, Kelly asked people around her for a towel or shirt, so she could apply pressure on the wound to prevent further bleeding. She then asked another witness to call 911 and instructed them not to roll the car over.

Going in and out of consciousness, Tom was able to tell Kelly his name and that he was married with children. “He said ‘thank you, please don’t let me die,’” said Kelly. Holding his hand, she told him he was going to be alright.

The car was leaking gas and smoking. With the fire department there, Kelly didn’t leave Tom’s side until paramedics were able to get him out. “I couldn’t let him be alone,” said Kelly. “When I was with him, it seemed like my world consisted of just him and I. I even told him we would be friends forever.”

Thanks to the compassionate and extraordinary care she provided, Tom was able to make a full recovery.

With the help of the detective, Kelly and Patricia were able to connect over the phone. Patricia welcomed Kelly to visit Tom in the hospital so she could see how well he was doing.

“I truly think the whole thing is a miracle because he survived, is able to walk and has no brain damage or internal bleeding,” said Kelly.

“Due to her quick response, Kelly gave me a chance to grow old with my husband, which I am forever thankful for,” said Patricia. “She gave our kids their father and our grandson his grandpa. We love her. Kelly is now part of our family.”